Principal's Message
Welcome to our school website,
We are celebrating our tenth year of operation.   We are excited about this milestone. This year's school-wide theme is Roots 
and Branches- Ten Years Strong.   We will be enjoying this year by working with the teachers and students past and present to memorialize our work together.  We hope parents will also be encouraged to share a positive past story about Goynes.  
We hope, that our service to the community, over ten years, has made an important and lasting positive impact  within this wonderful community.  Welcome to the tenth year of operation. 

I am pleased that you came to visit the  Theron & Naomi Goynes Elementary School web site!   This web site was designed particularly for the students, parents and teachers in our school and community.   The scope of the site and the information available will continue to grow.  We have designed this website to be family friendly and have included many  features.   Our collective determination is that this website will be another effective way that we can let you know what is happening at the
school as we work together during the 2014-2015 School year.   The resources found here will help you know more about 
school policies, plans and the calendar of events at our school.  It also provides another way for you to contact your child's teacher or the school office.

Over the years, as a teacher, assistant principal and principal, students have called me Mr. Hi.   My last name is pronounced Hi-bargrrr.  I have been an educator for 20 years in the Clark County School District. My teaching experiences have included primary age and intermediate age students including G.A.T.E. (Gifted) students.  I am pleased to be a native Nevadan and I have seen Las Vegas change in so many remarkable ways. I have three children (two boys and a girl ) My wife and I have been married for 30 years.  Living in Nevada has provided my family with so many wonderful memories, and life long friends. 

I continue to believe that children will change the future in this state, country and world and what we do for them and the educational system within Nevada will impact our community, state and the world in so many vital ways.   I am committed to do all that I can to assist in providing a excellent education opportunity for each student that attends Goynes Elementary School. As we continue the 2014-2015 school year, please feel free to contact me or your child's teacher should you have concerns or questions related to your child's education. I know that the work we do together can have lasting impact in the life of each child and the entire student community at Goynes ES.  Please do not hesitate to contact me, as we work together and as we continue to provide the instructional program at Theron & Naomi Goynes Elementary School. Thank you for visiting.

 It is important for parents or guardians to know that Nevada has adopted the Nevada Academic State Standards.  A large majority of the states in the United States have adopted these standards for instruction. This is the fourth year of the implementation of the Nevada Academic State Standards.    We encourage all parents and guardians to will learn about the Nevada Academic State Standards.  We want to implement instructional objectives that are completely aligned with these rigorous standards.  Please do not hesitate to speak to your child's teacher or to me if you have any questions about the Nevada Academic State Standards. 
You can contact me by calling the school at: 702-799-1770, or by filling out the contact form on the contact me page of this site. You are also welcome to come by the school and ask to speak to me.
Best wishes for the 2014-2015 School year!
Jefferey Hybarger
Principal/ Goynes Elementary School